About Us

The well-established task of the semiconductor industry is "Smaller, Faster, Cheaper." Improving performance with simultaneous size and cost reduce are the essential requirements for the design of virtually any semiconductor device. For the power semiconductor devices, these requirements primarily mean providing lowest switching and dielectric conductivity losses, a higher switching frequency, the characteristics stability over a wide temperature range, high operating temperature and as high breakdown voltage as possible. While silicon power components reach its theoretical limits, wide-bandgap semiconductor-based devices with high thermal conductivity, and breakdown field strength become popular. These are silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). One of the factors limiting the widespread use of these materials is the balance of the achieved device characteristics vs its cost.

The team of our company has developed a technology of template production (ALTERPHASiC), as the basis for the further growth of a wide range of high-quality WBG materials on it. At the same time, the technology allows one to decrease the cost drastically relative to existing growth processes of SiC, SiC-on-Si and GaN-on-Si. 

During 8 years the scientific team has been working on the project, bringing together experts from the specialized universities in different countries, a huge number of publications and articles were written according to the work results.