III-V semiconductors growth on ALTERPHASiC templates

“ALTERPHASiC” templates.

-SiC, 6H-SiC and 4 Н -SiC polytypes can be grown on ALTERPHASiC layer up to 6 inch in diameter.

200nm SiC film thickness growth takes 10-15minutes. Surface contains NO dislocations

Example of the surface of heterostructures on “ALTERPHASiC” templates. ( for GaN the best achieved dislocation density value is  107 )

Photos of the layer surface taken with an optical microscope.
(A) – the center of the substrate; (B) - the edge of the substrate. The image width is 700 microns.

SiC crystal whiskers grown on “ALTERPHASiC” templates.

GaN, semipolar GaN, non polar GaN.

Our technology makes possible to combine advantages of Si (low cost, large diameter) and SiC (SiC/GaN lattices almost coincide in comparison with Gan/Si) in one ALTERPHASiC substrate. Since ALTERPHASiC buffer layer detaches mechanically Si and subsequent layers, the surface quality of SiC is only important for high quality epi GaN layer nucleation and growth. This is why the thickness of grown SiC layer can be very thin (50-100 nm). It worth to notice that this method is much faster and cheaper than traditional epi growth with sophisticated stress-management techniques.

Since the ALTERPHASiC method allows one to use different orientations of initial Si substrates (111),(110),(100) with different misorientation angles, it is possible to growth polar, semipolar and non-polar layers of GaN.


Bulk layer of semipolar GaN (1124) with thickness 35 μm is grown on “ALTERPHASiC” templates. Semipolar layers of GaN (1124), grown on SiC/Si(110) had FWHM

Semipolar GaN grown on “ALTERPHASiC” template


Bulk AlN, AlGaN и GaN crystals having no cracks or pits were grown on “ALTERPHASiC” substrates

  1.  AlGaN thickness up to 400 μm;
  2. GaN thickness up to 200 μm;


  • for AlGaN - 0.43 deg,
  • for GaN 14 ÷ 16 arcmin.