Measurement results of grown structures parameters ensure that our technology can be perfectly used for growing high quality  GaN-on-Si and SiC-on-Si structures for miscellaneous applications from thin film sensors to high power transistors.

At this moment our team is working on development:

-high output GaN LED.  Smooth GaN-on-SiC epi/Si LED structure having no cracks is obtained as a semi-finished prototype.

Experimental samples of LED heterostructures were fabricated and investigated. Studies of samples of LED heterostructures showed that electroluminescence is observed in the blue and green wavelength ranges of 460-505 nm

Comparison of electroluminescence spectra of ALTERPHASiC-based LED (blue graph) with sapphire-based LED (green graph).

AlNGaN LED structure grown on ALTERPHASiC template

Second developed template option for GaN transistor heterostructure growth is still ALTERPHASiC template with deposited AlN layer.

Unique GaN LED structure grown on ALTERPHASiC template, HVPE method (containing NO AlN)

  • UV diode on semipolar GaN
  • HEMT transistor.